The post-pandemic economic recovery, with a combination of various geopolitical and climate actors as well as the cost of decarbonization, is presently creating new tensions in supply chains and energy prices, and probably encourages inflationary expectations and a deeply different short term context.


The magnitude and complexity of public response – both financial and regulatory - to the pandemic, is having systemic consequences whilst redesigning the frontiers and interfaces between public and private spheres of economic and financial responsibility


maatGroup accompanies the constant and vertiginous technological evolution, basing its strategy on a flexible and parameterizable model, capable of sharing information and deploying collaborative environments in a secure and reliable access framework, from which users can develop their own business strategy, delegating to the Platform the Management of Infrastructures, the Management of Technological Services and delivering Information Systems as a service that allow it to support and enrich its core business


maatGroup´s TimeLine


maatGroup has promoted Enterprise Value Networks around Information and Communication Technologies as infrastructure for the development of new business organizations.


Also, has established, financed and promoted the development of other companies and initiatives, having fostered alliances with prestigious partnerships Research Centers, Universities and Companies in the areas of infrastructures, consulting and technology


Origins of maatGroup have been of strong technological origin and have evolved over time to become a business group whose value proposition has focused on the deployment of infrastructure for the development of the territory and organizations, basing its value proposition in the application of latest generation technologies, aligned with the business strategy



maatGroup started its first steps in the scientific world, at the end of the '90s. Then the first concepts of "sharing of heterogeneous sources of information" began to appear, so that the first technological development was based on the GRID Model, -resut of working in close collaboration with CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research)- having been the Company that leaded the development of this technology in Europe and achieving posi-tioning as one of the main GRID infrastructure services, middleware and applications pro-viders for numerous projects and infrastructures at European level


The maatGroup Technological Platform is the result of more than two decades of evolutionary development -built on the basis of a Technological Reference Model in the ICT sector- applied in multiple projects of different kinds and magnitudes, awarded with numerous awards and recognitions by prestigious national and international institutions