Our mission


Innovation is the process that converts knowledge into well-being; through the creation or improvement of products or services oriented to its successful introduction in the market; or by improving the processes of production or provision of services, which makes them more competitive.


Technology is the set of technical knowledge, scientifically ordered, that allow designing and creating goods or services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and meet the needs of people.


The development of the Society has many points in common with innovation and technology and both together are the basis of the sustainability increase in socio-economic prosperity and social welfare, as a set of factors that participate in the quality of life of the person and that they make their existence possess all those elements that give rise to tranquility and human satisfaction.


Knowledge Alliance Foundation KAF was born in October 2010 as a private non-profit institution, with the aim of promoting innovation, the information society, scientific research and technological development as factors of the economic and social impulse of its environment of action.