FinTech CloudBanking. Technology in the cloud is easy to integrate with any technology already present, which facilitates its implementation quickly and easily, one of the main concerns of technological progress that financial institutions have. The scalability of the cloud As is proper in any development that takes advantage of technology in the cloud, Cloudbanking also offers scalability in its use. A flexible and interoperable environment, something that both in the banking sector and in the insurer is of vital importance. The ease of implementation In addition to the possibilities of integrating technology in the cloud in any financial infrastructure. The reduction of time Nowadays, time has become one of the most valuable elements. In the banking, financial or insurance sector exactly the same happens ... (+)

Digital transformation is the main activity of the maat Group. Applying innovation strategies based on "Open Innovation" and Knowledge Economies ... (+)



GLIMP Platform transforming the logistics and transport sector. It consists of a Logistics Management Platform, whose most attractive points of GLIMP are set in the advantages it offers with respect to other similar systems ... (+)



Advantages of GLIMP for the company that receives it. GLIMP is a technological platform for the management of goods and transportation in general. As is logical, the company that wants to apply it will see, as it happens in these environments, with an infrastructure already created and without an initial budget to be able to invest in transforming its management model and everything related. It is a platform with no investment costs, but pay-per-use. This is already an economic relief, but it also allows a very fast integration ... (+)


Bet on FinTech. Compared to financing by traditional methods, it is based on FinTech, which involves the digitalization of all financial operations. FinTech allows different companies to establish financial relationships such as the granting of credits or payment for services, through digital systems that guarantee the immediacy in the service and a security even above what a traditional bank can offer .... (+)


The FinTech technology. The digitization of financial operations, the basis of digital evolution. Let's take an example. An entrepreneur with a business idea needs some investment to take off. Another professional, in a country thousands of kilometers away, considers that idea of profitable business and offers him an immediate credit, to begin to develop it that same day ... (+)
Impulse of digital transformation, Digital transformation can not be motivated unilaterally, but depends on the social environment in which it is implanted, which is also constantly changing ... (+)



The new model of digitalization of the territory based on the Smart + strategy. The innovation that has most influenced the design and transformation of the city in addition to electricity is undoubtedly the automobile, which in the 20th century has become a symbol of personal freedom around which it has been redesigned and organized society. Now, information technologies are producing another big change; the so-called smart cities ... (+)

The president of maat Group, Santiago Jimenez Barrull, identifies the necessary processes that must be carried out in order to obtain the digital transformation and gives an opinion on which professional sectors may need this transformation ... (+)


The implementation of FinTech technology: not only involves the implementation of Internet possibilities in the digitalization of financial operations from the perspective of distribution channels to reach the customer or the rationalization of internal management procedures, but also constitutes also in the "core business" of the new regulatory framework established by the European Union for Financial Institutions ... (+)


maat Group presents #OpenMaat. One of the latest developments presented by maat Group is in the Technological Platform oriented to Services of "Trading Finance" known as #OpenMaat. Among these technologies that allow its correct functioning stands out Cloud Computing, the provision of services in the cloud. It also takes advantage of the FinTech technology of digital financing operations and the Blockchain ... (+)


maat Group bets Blockchain. Blockchain technology is a "distributed digital accounting book" that provides a secure way to make and record transactions, agreements and contracts ... (+)




The Management of Digital Assets. The deployment of business management infrastructures on distributed environments for the exchange of assets, enabling decentralized consensus mechanisms since all the network validation nodes execute the same consensus algorithm (previously agreed) against the same transactions, and it is also validated ( or invalidates) each transaction based on trust, responsibility and transparency, incorporating digital signatures, cryptographic summaries; time stamp servers as well as decentralized consensus protocols ... (+)


The #Openmaat Service Technology Platform. Defined as "a new business paradigm that allows the development, participation and access to" intelligent "business ecosystems offering competitive advantages in a networked and globalized economy", it allows organizations and companies to access and participate in new business models shaping business ecosystems aligning its supply chain management processes and distribution chains ... (+)

The Logistics Management Platform GLIMP. Under a Cloud Computing environment with "blockchain" digital identity management facilities and the planning and implementation of "Smart Contracts", it responds to the challenges of digitizing the value chain of the Transport and Logistics Sector .. (+)


The Blockchain technological infrastructure. There are two "blockchain" reference models in practice. One associated with digital currency such as bitcoin and ethereum (distributed accounting technologies) with thousands and thousands of nodes and thousands of purses, and millions of users using it in multiple implementations at the business model level ...(+)


The new model of digitalization of the territory based on the Smart + strategy. The digital transformation of the territory and organizations to respond to the new management model of the urban environment in which citizens live together and interact in a spatial environment for the development of their work, professional, leisure and social activity interacting with new models and paradigms of mobility and accessibility through new services, technological and electronic infrastructures ... (+)


FinTech advantages to Mexican professionals. It is the result of a collaboration between the international company maatG Nozzle, belonging to maat Group and MLeon, a Mexican Corporation, promoter of Variable Capital Investment. The commitment to Mexico in this new project is not coincidence. Mexican society is experiencing faster growth than in the rest of Latin America, in terms of linking the world of technology with the financial environment .. (+)


maat Group promotes FinTech in Mexico. Precisely in the technological innovation applied to commercial relations is also based the following project, to implement during the year 2017, a Fintech Platform in Mexico. In this case, the maatGNozzle companies (belonging to the maat Group) have collaborated closely, as well as the company MIG CORPORATION, through the Alliance of the Mexican company MLEON ... (+)