Intelligent Assets Management

Intelligent Assets Management allows the incorporation of intelligent assets into the  built environment. It is reshaping both asset utilization and material management within the sector.  It connects  infrastructures components to enable the wider use of performance contracts  and predictive maintenance schemes while at the  same time dramatically increasing the potential  for improved asset utilization through sharing.

maat Group is a leading  Company eCosystem offering “state of the art” Services, Solutions and Infrastructures for the digital transformation of organizations and societies. maat Group´s portfolio is oriented to the "Circular Economy" and "Intelligent Assets Management". maat Group´s customer base is currently present in Europe, Africa, Middle East and LATAM.


maat Green has promoted initiatives and infrastructure projects throughout the world, with a special focus on four regions: LATAM, Maghreb, the South African region and the Middle East, providing support, mainly in the following areas: energy and environment, health, transport and public infrastructures, and new means of communication.



The initiatives, especially in the case of companies related to clean technology, suggest that concern for the environment and climate change along with the "green stimulus package" are driving the most important resources and innovation in this area.


THE DAO - ecosystem infrastructure


Based on Cloud Computing Technology Platform, "end-to-end", BlockChain enable, open, MultiChannel, supported by Industry standards, with the ability to INTEGRATE Services in industrial mode and PROMOTE business development ecosystems



Towards the "Circular Economy"


TradeChain  is the most forward thinking  “Circular Economy” Supporting Platform for Distributed  Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) and Distributed Trade Services (DTS). It enable the automation of global trade transactions,  we manage large numbers ofbusiness partners and documents, and its ensure that businesses always comply with constantly changing international legal regulations.


TradeChain environment allows its users to build a streamlined supply chain that leads to the “Circular Economy”.



The circular  economy is a new  way of looking at  the relationships  between markets,  customers and  natural resources. The circular economy is a $4.5 trillion opportunity. It presents huge potential for global economic growth and will also accelerate society towards a sustainable future.


BlockChain is  transforming  transactional  networks, with a protocol for distributed  ledgers in multiparty business  processes. The immutability of records driving total transparency, auditability, and  regulatory compliance. Its allow real-time value transfers and reduces risk, no unnecessary  intermediaries, supporting all this from Smart Contracts: with System-enforced intercompany business rules.


TradeChain. entails a built environment that is flexible and modifiable and which, through its  interconnectivity, can feed wider systems (the city or the traffic grid) with information that enhances  both traffic management and urban planning

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